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a little bit about Safa Chahm "also as known as dreamy_angel in da forum"

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a little bit about Safa Chahm "also as known as dreamy_angel in da forum"

Post  dreamy_angel on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:35 am

Hello Everyone <3
Personal infos: My name is Safa…born in the 9th of June 1993…so I'm 18…I live in Essaouira..and was born in there..
Status: married with seungri and has one baby boy "yuuki" xD
My favorite groups: female: SNSD 4minute T-ara
Male: Big Bang B2st mblaq shinee
Solo artists: Younha (A true faithful Fan) she's the only one that I truly Adore…I have every single song she released. From beginning to end… <3
Favorite idols: Jiyeon (T-ara <3)
Tiffany (snsd)
Seungri Oppa(Big Bang)
MBLAQ (Thunder)
Min (Miss A)

p.s :these bands I previously mentioned Are not my only favorites…like…I love others. it's just that I'm not A huuuge fan of 'em..of course u know what I mean…u must feel the same thing about some certain bands…don't ya???

Personality: first thing of all. I'm a shy girl…like…super shy. Especially when it comes to awkward moments with others…
But most importantly is that I'm friendly…and kindhearted. That's the first thing people usually notice about me…I forgive others (always!!!) I've never been in a fight with a person. Even if they seem like such a pain in the a**…but when Someone hurts my feelings I come back home and cry …I don't even tell anyone…yeah it sucks.

I'm so freaking crazy…and funny…I just need a partner if u want things to get messy Wink
I leave in my very own world…of Korean stuff and Korean guys (lool) I guess that's what dramas have done to me xD


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